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Kindness is our preference.

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At Grindr, we’re into diversity, inclusion, and users who treat each other with respect. We’re not into racism, bullying, or other forms of toxic behavior.


These are our preferences, and we’ve updated our Community Guidelines to better reflect them. Same app. New rules.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Their type. Their tastes. But nobody is entitled to tear someone else down because of their race, size, gender, HIV status, age, or – quite simply – being who they are.

Join us in building a kinder Grindr. Express yourself, but not at the expense of someone else. Report discrimination when you see it. Use your voice and share your story to call out prejudice and spark change.


Together, we can amplify the conversation and take steps towards a kinder, more respectful community.

It’s time to play nice.


It's time to play nice.

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